Happy Healthy Holiday Season: Tips for Success
October is here, the candy aisles are full, and we are beginning to plan those holiday parties. 

Holidays tend to bring a lot of laughter, family, and fun--but it can also be a time of stress, sickness and overindulgence if we don't have a plan. 

Here are my tips for holiday season success!

1. Have a celebration survival plan before the holiday season begins. Eat healthy meals leading up to bigger parties and celebrations, drink your water, and use your oils and supplements! My biggest friends are nutrient rich balance complete and ningxia red, and digestion support with Digize Blend, peppermint vitality, essentialezymes and detoxzyme! 

2. Know your weakness! What or who gets you every time? Plan to give in (guilt-free) or fight
the temptation. Put the 80-20 rule into place--enjoy a treat and let other things go that won't support your wellness goals! 

3. Apply the 3-day rule. Get rid of or give away anything left over before or after the 3rd day--like the endless desserts and desserts.

4. Have boundaries and keep them! Let friends and family know, "I really don't want my kids to have that," or "we made a commitment to change, and I hope you understand." 

This is YOUR holiday season, and you don't owe anyone a thing, except to spread kindness, love, and peace. You are in charge of your choices, and I know you will feel better sticking to your goals! 

Coming up in the next weeks...
  • How to deal with emotional stress for the holidays, 
  • Fun recipes for desserts with vitality oils from Young Living
  • Ningxia Red cocktails & mocktails
  • Plus... an entire Holiday Feast that will be shared for Thanksgiving! 
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