Happy Healthy Holiday Season: Tips for Success

Happy Healthy Holiday Season: Tips for Success
October is here, the candy aisles are full, and we are beginning to plan those holiday parties. 

Holidays tend to bring a lot of laughter, family, and fun--but it can also be a time of stress, sickness and overindulgence if we don't have a plan. 

Here are my tips for holiday season success!

1. Have a celebration survival plan before the holiday season begins. Eat healthy meals leading up to bigger parties and celebrations, drink your water, and use your oils and supplements! My biggest friends are nutrient rich balance complete and ningxia red, and digestion support with Digize Blend, peppermint vitality, essentialezymes and detoxzyme! 

2. Know your weakness! What or who gets you every time? Plan to give in (guilt-free) or fight
the temptation. Put the 80-20 rule into place--enjoy a treat and let other things go that won't support your wellness goals! 

3. Apply the 3-day rule. Get rid of or give away anything left over before or after the 3rd day--like the endless desserts and desserts.

4. Have boundaries and keep them! Let friends and family know, "I really don't want my kids to have that," or "we made a commitment to change, and I hope you understand." 

This is YOUR holiday season, and you don't owe anyone a thing, except to spread kindness, love, and peace. You are in charge of your choices, and I know you will feel better sticking to your goals! 

Coming up in the next weeks...
  • How to deal with emotional stress for the holidays, 
  • Fun recipes for desserts with vitality oils from Young Living
  • Ningxia Red cocktails & mocktails
  • Plus... an entire Holiday Feast that will be shared for Thanksgiving! 
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September 14: Creating a Wellness Routine

September 14: Creating a Wellness Routine
Having a Hard Time Creating Your Wellness Routine?
Creating a wellness routine can be overwhelming but if you know the ingredients, you can add in the amount you like, based on your needs. You don't have to do EVERYTHING, every day. Make one small choice daily and soon the results will add up. 

Think of it as a recipe that needs four parts:
-Healthy Mindset
-Body movement
-Fresh foods & water
-Immune supportive modalities 

Imagine if you had 1 full hour to support your health, then you can divide that between the four categories. 

  1. Healthy Mindset: help yourself by planning how to focus on positivity each day. A daily devotional, a mantra, or even a worship song can get us thinking about our blessings rather than focusing on the negative. Journaling your fears can also be a way to get “out” what you’re holding onto, which might not serve you. What would you like to focus on today? 

  2. Move your body-sometimes walking for 5 minutes a few times a day is what we have time for. Plan it into the things you already do: walking around the building before entering work, stretch when you go check the mail, or even add in some balancing work when you’re cooking dinner. Adding in RC or Breath Again oil can help your lungs with more air and easier time breathing. Apply this to your chest before you go. These oils are freebies this month! 
  3. Fresh food and water: do you grow a garden or know a farmer? Use this season to eat from the earth!! My favorite is adding leafy greens to smoothies, soups, and casseroles. Check here for some recipes. No garden? Adding mineral rich supplements to your water or into a smoothie can support your wellness this fall!

  4. Healing Modalities: Vitaflex is my favorite way to self treat when I am under the weather, stressed, or to have a specific routine. It is also powerful as a PREVENTION tool! To begin, start by adding one oil (maybe thieves for it’s immune system support!) and vitaflex your spinal points on the feet.  
I know beginning a routine is overwhelming. Starting very small by adding one thing at time can help. If it's too hard to pick which one, there are ways we can create your specific needs as the top priority. I offer FREE consultations and also more personalized wellness protocols to guide my clients to their goals of wellness. I can offer a ZYTO scan and we can walk through your needs easily, even if we aren't in the same room! In person and ZOOM appointments available!

Please click the link below if you need help getting started! 


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Happy September!

Happy September!
The time is now here for me to share useful and practical tools to support a healthy, confident and vibrant life! 
As summer winds down, and fall approaches, we can choose to take proactive approach to staying well! Join me every week as I uncover and educate on healthy ways to to stay healthy, with 
"Wellness Wednesdays with Elisa"! 
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