Stress: How it Hurts Our Immune System
Stress-How does it really hurt our immune system? 
Stress has two main effects on our body: ALERT us to danger, and HELP us fight off that danger
This happens by our body secreting hormones, known as cortisol and corticosteroids. 

When we have stress in small doses (like preparing for a big project, running a race, a child in danger, etc.), this stress gives us the signals we need to act quickly. These hormones are VITAL to handle these situations. 

But….When we constantly have low levels of stress, because we don’t know how to cope with life's stressors, we become flooded with these stress hormones. The cortisol reduces the body’s ability to produce lymphocytes necessary to fight off invaders that create infections!

Also, when we have stress, we look for other “feel good” hormones, and we tend to cope with poor choices: unhealthy food, sedentary activities (due to lack of energy), and other things like smoking or drinking. This is the perfect storm for an illness to brew. If we don't practice self-care daily, we will have a problem on the horizon! This chart shows the common ways stress affects our bodies. 

The BEST way to prevent it is to learn healthy coping mechanisms and to practice self care daily. Here are my biggest tips and my top oils for stress. Each oil is linked to a scientific study on that specific oil. Please check them out! This is your chance to do some research! 

Frankincense- For mental clarity and normal cell growth.     Apply to forehead or back of the neck. Inhale daily. 
Lavender- For hormone balance and nervous system regulation.   Apply to chest, neck, and temples before bed. 
Peppermint- Supports heart and cardiovascular system.   Apply to stomach or inhale when digestive upset occurs. 
Clary Sage- Mental Support and Anxiolytic Effect   Females: Apply to lower abdomen to balance hormones. 
Vanilla- Supports Mood!    Use in stress away blend. Diffuse or apply to feet, head, wrists daily for mood!

Ready to try some of these oils out? Here is a bundle of all the oils I mentioned today! 
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