What is our Immune System?
The immune system is a very amazing and adaptive body system, which responds and reacts to all sorts of "invaders" that our body comes in contact with. 

Everyone who is alive has some sort of immune system. There are many things that can support a stronger immune system! Our choices and daily wellness routines can help us to keep our immune system strong. According to Cleveland Clinic, a hospital that emphasizes on research, published that there are four main things that we can do to create a stronger immune system: 1) Healthy Eating 2) Body movement 3) Positive Mindset and 4) Natural Immune system aids.   

Young Living has done a brilliant job offering an entire package of immune supportive immune system aids as their special this month!  These oils have been studied for their effectiveness toward supporting and stimulating the immune system. Young Living supplements provide great value with the user in mind, rather than for profit, unlike most other supplement companies. You see fast results!

Dr. Oli is a brilliant medical professional who has researched the scientific properties of essential oils and how they can benefit YL customers. 

Thieves- Excellent Oil to diffuse indoors to clean and purify the air! Can also be used topically with a carrier oil on the spinal points of the hands, feet, and directly on the spine!
RC- A blend that supports the respiratory system! Use with the Sinus Vitaflex protocol on face, hands, and feet! 
KidScents SniffleEase- Prediluted for the tiniest bodies when respiratory support is needed. Apply to bottoms of the feet in children!
Breath Again- Enjoy the feeling of fuller, deep breaths with a natural cooling sensation from this blend when diffused or used during breath work!
  Inner Defense Supplement- Keep on hand when your body is feeling below the wellness line, or follow directions on bottle for prevention!

If you are a Young Living customer ready to order, simply log into your account and add your favorites to the cart, and these will populate for free with qualifiying purchase. If you're a loyalty rewards member, you already know how well YL creates a membership focused on your wellness and your health. I can't recommend them enough! If you struggle with knowing where to start, please click the button below to schedule a free 15 minute consult with me about how to get started!

As a health professional, I would have to agree that focusing on your own wellness is the best ways to keep our bodies going strong during the fall and winter seasons. Making wellness a daily routine is how I teach my clients to stay well! Please reach out if you need any help of if you'd like to join in on an upcoming class! Tonight, we meet at 8pm CST on ZOOM for our Monthly Wellness Call!


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