It's Time to Get Insight Into Your Health & Wellness

Zyto Insights Remote Scan and Customized Wellness Plan

It's time to elevate your health!

The Zyto Insights Pro scan will provide a guide into what areas of your health are in most need of help using a 10-second recording of your voice, 
from  the comfort of your home!  No need to make appointments - do your scan on your own time!  Watch this 7-minute video of Dr. Vaughn Cook 
explaining how the Zyto Insights technology works. 
Click the link below to purchase your Scan and 1-hour Video appointment.  Once completed, you will then set up your appointment to Review your scan, 
also from the comfort of your home through Zoom video appointment, where I will explain your results and what 
YOU can do with the report to figure out which recommendations are right for you.  
Once you set up your Zoom appointment time, you will be sent an email from with your Zoom appointment information.  
You will also receive a second email from Zyto (check spam) with the link for your scan. 
Are you ready to....
Regain balance in your life?