Why Young Living
Have you ever picked up a essential oil bottle at TJ Maxx and thought…”I wonder what the difference is between this and Young Living?”

It might be tempting to believe there is no difference, so why not buy the cheaper oils? There are LOTS of things that set Young Living apart to make them the world leader in the essential oils industry and make them the clear choice if you want the best & purest oils around:

  1. Sourcing Standards: Young Living developed and lives by their Seed to Seal sourcing standard. This five-step process protects our planet and provides premium essential oils that are potent. This standard ensures that the farming, harvesting, distillation, testing, and the final product are all of the highest standard and done without compromise; Young Living controls every step of the process

  2. Therapeutic Quality: The oils on store shelves are usually labeled as aromatherapy grade, meaning they smell great, but don’t have any therapeutic benefit. Young Living oils are potent with a wide range of benefits, including aromatherapy, but also provide dozens of other benefits to our bodies.

  3. First Distillation: One of the reasons Young Living oils provide therapeutic benefits is that they only use the first distillation of plant matter to produce their oils. This means you get plant-powered products that deliver results instead of watered-down oils that have undergone seven or eight distillations.

  4. No Synthetics: Sadly, many “essential oils” contain ingredients that are a far cry from the pure, potent, plant-based substances that real essential oils consist of. Many essential oil manufacturers cut their oils with synthetics, add floral waters to stretch the oil, save their dollars, and use chemical solvents to extract them. Young Living doesn’t partake in any of these practices; what you get in the bottle is 100% pure, unadulterated, essential oil!

  5. Purity: There isn’t a lot of regulation in the essential oil industry, which means we have to be extra careful as consumers. Many essential oil companies label their oils as “100% pure” when very little plant matter has been used to create that particular oil. Young Living uses ONLY plant matter in its oils and follows strict and strenuous processes to ensure top quality. They go so far as to test the soil before planting, they try the water before it’s used to water the field, and they use hand weeding techniques so no chemical weed killers alter our plants. They, indeed, are the gold standard of essential oils!

  6. Testing: Young Living goes above and beyond when it comes to testing, going far beyond industry standards to ensure top-quality oil is in every essential oil bottle. They perform 20 quality assessments, three times each, on every batch of oil. They don't sell oil if oil doesn’t meet their standards. 
There are dozens of other things I love about Young Living, which is part of why I chose them. From being able to go on-site to the farms and distilleries to the sustainable farming practices to the incredible selection of oils and products Young Living offers, no other company comes close to YL! Tell me, what made you choose Young Living?