Release Emotional Patterns
With Young Living Essential Oils
Do your emotions bog you down? Do you feel trapped in emotional ruts? Are you frustrated trying to rationalize your way around your feelings?

Happily, the process of clearing stagnant emotional blocks and patterns is easy! Emotions are stored at a cellular level in specific organs within the body. They must be cleared at this level to be released. 

Essential oils access these stuck emotions at their deepest level by accessing the limbic portion of the brain, which is the seat of emotions. 
This is not a new technique - the ancient Egyptians employed it.

I am offering our Young Living Family - Peppermint Paddies - Complimentary Services to help you release your emotions that keep you "stuck." 

Carolyn Mein originally wrote the book "Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils" 25 years ago. It is a practical, step-by-step guide providing a natural remedy for emotional cleansing. It offers over 160 pages, including charts, diagrams, and easy-to-follow instructions for releasing 569 emotions using 176 Essential Oils and blends.

I have been using Carolyn Mein's book to release emotional patterns for years, and I am offering to help you experience the process yourself. You can purchase the book or subscribe to her website services and go through the process on your own. The choice is yours! If you want to experience it, fill out the form below, and I will email you instructions to help you release an emotional pattern. 

Where do you feel "stuck" in life?
What is the first word or emotion that comes up for you when you think about this?
For a Demonstration by Carolyn Mein, CLICK HERE