Raindrop Business Mentoring

Establishing a Successful Raindrop Business

Thanks for understanding the value and benefits to others of the Raindrop Technique and having the desire to create a successful business by offering Raindrop sessions to your clientele. 

The information in this private space is for you to use as you see fit in establishing a business in Raindrop that will grow as you learn successful business building in the offerings of wellness that you provide. 

Now that you are qualified to offer Raindrop as a professional, it's time to learn how to successfully market your business and get referrals from satisfied customers.  
 Go through the modules in order, as they build upon each other.  And, as always, if you have questions, please put them in the Discussion Room in this private members area. 

CARE's Mission

It is the mission of the Center for the Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE International) to offer training and education in Raindrop Technique and other Therapeutic Applications of Essential Oils to the end that Practical Aromatherapy becomes a household skill and a professional practice known and available everywhere!

Online Mentorship

Are you just finished with your 25 hour class and ready to move forward toward certification? If yes, Elisa is ready to support your mission. She offers hourly sessions to begin planning and preparing for the next steps, which include practicing Raindrop and Vitaflex, as well as teaching Raindrop and Vitaflex. This offers everything you need to prepare for your Return Demonstration Exam. 
Vitaflex Preparation
1. Purchase DVD and watch
2. Purchase the Healing for the Age of Enlightenment and read Chapter 2.

Raindrop Preparation

1. Purchase DVD and watch

Raindrop and Vitaflex Refresher 
March 4th, 2023 
Join Elisa for a Raindrop Refresher day where we will all practice on each other for Vitaflex and Raindrop. This one day experience will offer you a chance to practice and earn signatures for your handbook and Elisa can offer you support to hone in on your skills before your Return Demo Exam. We will have a chance to break out for lunch on the Farm, and ask questions about the process, as well. 

Question: “I only want to do Raindrop on family and friends do I need to complete the full 25 hours and do a return demo? 
Answer: If your goal is to just be able to do the technique on family and friends, you can definitely just do the Basic set (Raindrop and VF and Bible oils and into to care) but you cannot share it publicly nor can you charge money for it. 
The states govern this and it is important to the integrity of CARE that we do not practice without a license! It can prevent you from ever doing raindrop professionally  and can also jeopardize the credentials CARE has. 
But good news, you can always take the class and see how much you like it, and then you have student insurance for two years as well as the ability to finish your certification and license in the future!

Question: How long does it take to get certified? 
Answer: Depends on your time frame and commitment! 
You can become certified by completing the first 11 steps and that usually takes about 1 -3 months to complete depending on how much time
You have to devote to practice. You have up to two years to complete your license but you can take my mentorship program and get licensed much faster! I’ll guide you weekly on what to do and how To do it. 

Question: What do I have to do to become certified?
Take all classes 
-Bible oils
-emotional release 
Buy the books and DVDs
And then watch them and read them. 
Practice the vitaflex 10
Times (on different clients)
Practice the raindrop 15 times  (on different clients)
Teach the vitaflex 6 times 
Teach the raindrop 6 times 
Take exam + pass
Take ethics course
Take anatomy course
Take licensed spiritual healers course 
Apply for certification and licensing 

Question: Can I do these techniques right after class? 
Answer: Yes, you can practice and receive donations for your time and oils. 

Question: Can I practice on clients? 
Yes. You can offer clients your services which you are practicing and have them come to your business and perform them. 
Two things you need to you:
1. Create an informed consent form and have each client sign the form 
2. Do not advertise these new services for a fee. Instead offer for donation price (usually 75% of full fee) 

Question: What do you charge for raindrop once licensed?
Answer: Raindrop is usually 1 hour long. Charge the pricing for a normal massage then add in cost of oils ($45)

Question: What do you charge for vitaflex once licensed?
Answer: 1 dollar per minute plus cost of oils.

CE Credits for Professionals
After taking the CARE class, you earn 25 Credits to be used with ABMP or AMTA or whichever body work accreditation you have. 

Licensing Classes
Ethics and Informed Consent with Terry

This is a three module Correspondence Course.
These courses will equip you to operate as a Professional, in an Ethical manner and with an appropriate Informed Consent Form.  
Professional Education or Development refers to skills and knowledge that can be attained for both personal and career enhancement. 
These courses will equip you to become Certified in a Healing Technique through the Natural Therapies Certification Board iand Licensed as a Spiritual Healer through the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards.
Anatomy and Physiology with Randall Loop
 Anatomy and Physiology is simple to understand and comprehensive enough to inform. 
This course is highly recommended to all Natural, Spiritual, Energy and Health Professionals. This course will satisfy the “A&P” requirement for any Certification with the Natural Therapies Certification Board and is approved for 45 Credit hours/CE’s.
This courses will equip you to operate with understand of the Human Body and as a Wellness Professional. It will also count as one of the courses needed to become Certified in a Healing Technique and Licensed as a Spiritual Healer. 
Spiritual Healer Course with Randall Loop

Spiritual Coaching Skills Course is a series of Webinar & Tele-Conference sessions teachings with your Instructor and other Students
You will learn Making Requests and Active Listening Skills, Reflective
Listening, Supporting, Endorsing and Thanking, along with Choices, Assignments and Contracts. There is a Final Oral Demo of the Skills you learn.
This course will equip you to operate as a Professional Spiritual Coach within your field of expertise and become Certified in a Healing Technique if needed and Licensed as a Spiritual Healer through the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards.
Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist
Info on Specific Raindrop Technique Certification
The mission of the Natural Therapies Board™ (NTB™ - dba Natural Therapies Certification Board) is to certify and verify credentials of qualified professionals within the natural therapies field, including biofeedback, neurofeedback, sound, reflexology, aromatherapy, pain/stressmanagement, and other modalities in accordance to strict industry standards, blueprints, and in compliance with our professional and ethical code of conduct.

Licensed Spiritual Healer
Licensing with the FSHLB to become a licensed spiritual healer.
The mission of the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards is to facilitate the Licensing of Spiritual Healers (more information below) of all religions and spiritual paths. This occurs through a process of assisting training organizations to update their curriculum content to meet our stringent standards and the inclusion of the additional professional education we require. 

Becoming Licensed as a Spiritual Healer has become very attractive. Natural and Spiritual Healers desire to operate Professionally, Ethically, with a Legal Informed Consent form and appropriate Coaching Skills. 

Testimonials from Former Students

CARE classes have helped me to better understand the body, wellness, and how, with God’s help we can heal ourselves. Learning the Vitaflex and Raindrop techniques along with the science and philosophy behind them has been life-changing. I feel empowered to take charge of my own healing and to help others realize they can do the same. Elisa is a caring teacher who shows her love for CARE, Raindrop, Vitaflex, and healing as she teaches.  I love her passion and love for her students. 

I learned so much about the chemistry of oils and why they are so effective, healing every cell in the body and permanent healing is possible.  Our instructor Elisa was very easy to learn from and is extremely knowledgeable in emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.  What an awesome weekend. 
Information courtesy of Elisa Travisono McClure