Sulfurzyme Powder or Capsules?
ICP or ICP Daily?
Super C Tablets or Chewables?

Let's talk about these amazing supplements and the differences between them.  Make the best choice for your individual needs and preferences! 

The more you know, the easier it is to make the right choice!

Same names of ICP, Super C, and Sulfurzyme… but different actions and benefits.  Which one is right for you?  Let’s break it down right here!

ICP – ICP is a great intestinal cleanse that is to be used during a cleansing period of time (around 2 weeks). It has an effective blend of both soluble and insoluble fibers which feed the good bacteria in our gut. These fibers come from psyllium, oat bran, flax & fennel seeds and they are all terrific for gently cleansing the colon of waste buildup and scrubbing the intestinal wall. These great ingredients also thicken up quickly when you add it to water or juice so be ready to drink swiftly after mixing.

ICP is enhanced with our potent Young Living essential oils ~ Fennel, Anise, Tarragon, Ginger, Lemongrass, and Rosemary.  All of these ingredients work together for a gentle cleanse that improves nutrient absorption, decreases the buildup of waste, and helps maintain a healthy heart.

Let’s talk about the first ingredient for a moment - psyllium husk. It’s a great scrubber of the intestinal wall but traditionally used as a natural laxative & therefore, is not an ingredient you should take every day, forever. The goal is to give our small and large intestines a good scrubbing now and then, but not to teach the colon that you’re going to take a product everyday so it doesn’t have to do its job anymore!  If you’re taking a laxative every day, you are teaching the peristaltic action of the intestinal lining that it does not need to move waste down down and out anymore. True health is helping support the body for a time and then letting it do its innate job. Some people take psyllium husk daily to lose weight, but this comes at a cost of potential harm to your digestive tract = not worth it! Know what the ingredients are in the products you ingest and put on your body. Every organ system in your body, along with your cells and nerves, works in harmony with the others. Be informed, stay educated, and don’t be misled by advertising hype.  So let’s talk about what IS good to take on the regular.

ICP Daily –THIS is your daily prebiotic and fiber drink that is both delicious and easy on the stomach. I love this product and its delish passion fruit flavor! I add to a little NingXia Red and some water for a TASTY drink! You can also add it to your Red Drink.  It does not have psyllium powder (so doesn’t thicken your drink up) but has gentle yet powerful ingredients including agave inulin, guar gum, tamarind juice powder, tapioca fiber and prickly pear cactus extract.  It has the same essential oil blend that Gary created for original ICP of Fennel, Anise, Tarragon, Ginger, Lemongrass, and Rosemary, and adds 6 grams of plant-based prebiotics (food for your good gut bacteria).  It will help you maintain a healthy gut microbiome, aid in your body's natural detoxification process, promote healthy postbiotics in the gut, and even help you feel full longer! 

Since 70+% of our immune system lies in our gut, and our gut is related to the brain, heart and lungs (just to name a few), this is a great way to support your health now and in the future. Oh, and did I mention that it is delicious?!

🍊 Super C Tablets - Why do we need extra Vitamin C in our day (if you are not getting enough in your diet and/or you are going through a time of stress/lowered immune activity)? Because Vitamin C is critical for the health of our bones, circulatory system, nerves, skin, joints, lungs, teeth… are those enough reasons yet? Oh, and Vitamin C stimulates your own body’s natural collagen production, which comes back to helping all those other systems mentioned above.

Don’t you just LOVE 1.3g of Vitamin C in just 2 tablets of Super C?! Your body can only absorb about 1,000 mg per hour of this water-soluable vitamin so I take one in the morning and one in the evening for a great day’s dose of extra C. This bioavailable super blend of Citrus Bioflavonoids, Rutin and Cayenne supports the circulatory and immune systems, along with our YLEOs of Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon and Lemongrass. This powerhouse combo also gives us Calcium, Zinc and Manganese – key minerals for our immune & structural systems! So don’t miss out on easily upping this necessary vitamin in your daily regimen with these easy-to-swallow Super C tablets.

🍊 Super C Chewable - If you have a hard time swallowing tablets or you, like me, enjoy a delicious bite to nosh on at your desk, then reach for your bottle of Super C Chewables! Yum, yum, yum! Terrific for kids and adults alike with 150 mg of C in each tablet.

They are tart and sweet with a combo of Acerola cherries, Camu camu and Rose hip fruit powders, along with our Orange EO in it to give powerful immune-supporting abilities! [Acerola cherries aren’t really cherries, but a berry that looks similar but grown on a bush to give us major benefits!] 

Vitamin C also helps us better absorb other nutrients, like iron! So if you are working on supporting healthy iron levels, make sure to take extra Vitamin C with your NingXia Red and Multigreens, etc.

Did you know that the “Vitamin C” that you mainly find on store shelves is made from an isolated chemical and created in a lab… and your body knows the difference! The body knows the synergistic effect of the whole fruit or herb and this is what makes a food or supplement bioavailable (the usability of it for your body). So make sure you are spending your money wisely (and get them FREE whenever possible with your loyalty points!) and get the highest quality on the market as you and your body deserve the best!

👊 Sulfurzyme Powder - Sulfurzyme is an excellent supplement to support the liver, joints, immune system, as well as supporting normal metabolic function, circulation, and bone, hair, & skin health. Seriously a must-have in my daily routine for all of these reasons and more!
MSM is nutritional sulfur.  

Every single protein starts with a sulfur-containing amino acid so we need to maintain a healthy supply of it so it doesn’t steal it from another source within our body. Sulfur is a major detoxer for heavy metals. We are exposed to heavy metals every day so sulfur is important to take every day. It takes the heavy metal, adds a sulfur molecule to it, converts it to a less toxic form which the body can then get rid of more easily. But this is not your run-of-the-mill MSM from the store.

Young Living sources their MSM from sources that we can trust and it tests every single batch for mercury, lead, pesticides, and more to ensure it's clean with many thorough analyses. AND THEN, they mix it with wolfberry puree powder. Because Gary knew that MSM is much more absorbable in the body when it is combined with Vitamin C… and the food with the highest amount of Vitamin C to combine with MSM are our wolfberries from the Ningxia province in China! #ThankYouGary

The powder also contains a pre-biotic (FOS), which is great for gut health. If you are not already taking Master Formula, which has a pre-biotic, then the powder would be a good option for you. You simply add the powder into a glass of water or with some NingXia Red, shake, and enjoy. The powder is easily absorbed and a great way to get this vital nutrient in your bod!

Do you know what else MSM helps do? It gives your body the building blocks to make more collagen! My bones, joints and skin are so happy about this! And it is ALWAYS better to support your body to make it itself because it creates the best version of that nutrient. So give your body some support for ALL the reasons!

👊 Sulfurzyme Capsules - Capsules are convenient and easy, so if that is important to you, go with those. I take at least 6 Sulfurzyme caps every day, unless I’m also doing the powder. They are the perfect travel companion! Pets love Sulfurzyme regularly, also; so we use the capsules for that, as the powder does have stevia in it to make it tasty for humans. I empty out the contents of the capsule on our dog's food and save the empty capsule to fill with vitality oils later!

If you want to help your body with faster recovery times from exercise, support a healthy liver, detoxification pathways, healthy digestion and elimination, encourage healthy hair and skin, and give effective support to your joints and brain, then take your Sulfurzyme in whichever form you remember to take it!

👉 Lastly, you can’t out-supplement a bad diet so be sure you are eating plenty of fresh veggies and fruit for nutrients (vitamins and minerals), fiber and enzymes! And organic is always best to not increase your toxic load! Then pick your fave version of these products (I have and use them all for different reasons and seasons) and give your body the best help on your health journey! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Sulfurzyme Powder or Capsules
Take Sulfurzyme as directed twice a day & give your body the support it needs.

Features & Benefits
  • Supports joint health*
  • Supports recovery time of joints after exercise*
  • Supports normal range of motion*
  • Supports bone health*
  • Supports normal metabolic functions and circulation*
  • Aids the immune system*
  • Supports hair and skin health*
  • Sulfurzyme contains a unique blend of Ningxia wolfberry fruit powder and MSM, a dietary sulfur that bolsters the joints, aids the immune system, and helps support normal metabolic function, circulation, and bone, hair, and skin health. It can even help support recovery time of joints after exercise.*

Sulfurzyme Powder, Item #3241 

Sulfurzyme Capsules, Item #3243 
Super C Tablets or Chewables

Super C
Item #3242


  • Contains 1,440 percent of the recommended dietary intake of vitamin C per serving*
  • Fortified with rutin, citrus bioflavonoids, and minerals to balance electrolytes and enhance the effectiveness and absorption of vitamin C*
  • Supports normal immune, respiratory, and circulatory function
  • Strengthens connective tissue and promotes overall health, vitality, and longevity*
Super C Chewables
Item #3251


  • Contains 6 grams of plant-based prebiotics and 5 grams of soluble fiber
  • Aids in the body’s natural detoxification process
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome
  • Easy on the stomach and well tolerated by those with digestion sensitivity
  • Promotes healthy postbiotics in the gut
  • Contains D. Gary Young’s original ICP essential oil blend of Fennel, Anise, Tarragon, Ginger, Lemongrass, and Rosemary essential oils
  • Helps you feel full longer
  • Supports cardiovascular health and immune system
ICP or ICP Daily

Item #3208


  • Gentle intestinal cleanse with essential oils*
  • Helps maintain a healthy heart*
  • Improves nutrient absorption*
  • Decreases the buildup of waste*

ICP Daily
Item #36014


  • Contains 6 grams of plant-based prebiotics and 5 grams of soluble fiber
  • Aids in the body’s natural detoxification process
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome
  • Easy on the stomach and well tolerated by those with digestion sensitivity
  • Promotes healthy postbiotics in the gut
  • Contains D. Gary Young’s original ICP essential oil blend of Fennel, Anise, Tarragon, Ginger, Lemongrass, and Rosemary essential oils
  • Helps you feel full longer
  • Supports cardiovascular health and immune system