It's Time for an Emotional Exhale!
Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed?
Would you like to feel clearer and stronger?
Do you feel yourself taking shallow breaths?
Do you have lots of buried feelings under the surface?
Do you find your chest tightening and your airways feeling restricted?
Do you worry that if you feel the emotions inside they will drown you?
Does your body seem to be holding everything you’ve experienced the last few years?

 Then you are in the right place (and you are not alone!) because we are going to look at the what, why and how of all that overwhelm, and then we are going to forge the way out! 
It’s time to get un-stuck, to let go of the weight holding you down, and to move forward in peace and power towards the best version of yourself.
It’s time for a deep, soul-altering breath. One that reaches into the places of hurt and trauma, acknowledges the pain, truly heals the wound, and lets you live from a place of safety.
It’s time for an emotional exhale.

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