Biomat ~ far infrared heat & Amethyst crystals  

Supports Core Body Temperature
 Enzymes are responsible for nearly every chemical and biological process in the body, and they are very sensitive to temperature.  A small decrease in temperature can cause a large decrease in the activity of an enzyme.  Many people have low body temperatures without considering if this could be related to other health problems.
Relieves Stress, Improves Mood, Promotes Relaxation
The BioMat creates total body relaxation, which improves moods and promotes healing from within.  
Soft Tissue Healing
For injuries past the acute "ICE" stage, such as strains or sprains, or other soft tissue injuries, heat is the best treatment. The BioMat allows you to deliver heat deeply to the injury site, rather than just on the skin.  It produces far infrared light without becoming hot to the touch, so you can use it very near to the injury as well.  
Relieves Pain
Infrared light offers a powerful and natural form of pain relief, with no unpleasant side effects.
Improves Circulation
Whole-body infrared therapy, also called waon therapy, can increase the temperature of the body, and improve circulation greatly.  The capillaries expand, and the hands and feet become warm, in the effort to shed excess heat.  This extra blood flow allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the cells, allows wastes to be rapidly exported, and allows rapid drainage of accumulated lymph. 

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