A Little About Elisa McClure, ND 
Hello, Elisa here--

For the past 20 years, I have spent my time living my joy-in hopes that I may bless and serve others. I know the demands of running a business, and in order to serve others well professionally, we must honor ourselves personally. I find that using natural approaches to handling stress, managing expectations, and providing services to others is key to my longevity and my success in life. I am eager and excited to share the health and wellness tools that I personally use and now have the blessing to offer from my beautiful Organic Farm in Boerne, TX. 

When you are a highly sought after wellness professional, you may have little time to focus on your on health and wellness. Take the weekend off, join me for a relaxing and healing retreat to bless not only your clients, but also yourself. I know there is a joyful path for everyone, and I am honored and excited to help you find yours!!

Elisa McClure, Wellness Advocate 

A Wellness Retreat for Your Healing, So You Can Bless Others...

Education on How to Heal Yourself and Others!

Experiencing the Healing Modalities Firsthand!
A  Weekend of Pampering, Preparing, and Re-Programming
Ionic Foot Baths, Oil Anointings, and so much more...

We Arrive Friday & Settle In

Saturday We Learn Vitaflex & Raindrop

Sunday We Receive Our Raindrop

What Other Professionals Have Said About This Seminar
I have been teaching Vitaflex and Raindrop for several years now, and I am never surprised with how healing shows itself! Take a look at these testimonials....
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