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Functional Medicine Health Coach
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After a myriad of health challenges spiraling out of control and traditional Western medicine leading me down the rabbit hole, my exasperation took me on a path less traveled. I discovered Functional Medicine, a healthcare model where practitioners don't just treat or mask symptoms; they delve deeper to understand underlying imbalances and root causes. Instead of isolating one body system from all the others, they adopt a holistic perspective, considering how various aspects of health interact and influence overall well-being. This approach resonated deeply with me, aligning with my core beliefs, a critical element of healing. 

After receiving this type of care from a Functional Medicine doctor, I was relieved to find root causes and a treatment plan. But I was overwhelmed. I left the doctor's office with so much data I was dizzy, but what I needed was someone to help me put it all together. Timing is everything! A few months later, the Institute for Functional Medicine announced the new Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, and I was one of the first graduates. The FM Certified Health Coach role was precisely what I had been missing because it didn't exist until then. This shift in approaching holistic wellness was exhilarating, and it still is! I started my own business as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Certified Gluten Practitioner.

Shortly after that, Elisa McClure and I crossed paths—a pivotal, God-appointed event in my life. Elisa's extensive credentials and decades of experience made her a remarkable mentor and guide on my wellness journey. Her wisdom, support, and encouragement have been invaluable to me, shaping my professional growth and personal development. Our partnership has deepened my understanding of holistic wellness and reinforced my commitment to helping others achieve optimal health and vitality.

Working alongside Elisa and other like-minded individuals, I've discovered the profound impact of being a part of a "community." We learn together, find out how much we have in common, have accountability with each other propelled by encouragement, and witness real results. It's incredible what joy it brings to celebrate victories together! We want YOU to experience that with us at The Wellness Hub.

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